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Success Stories

You can become one of the many healthy and happy clients who have worked with me. I hope that they can serve as an inspiration to you and prove that anything is possible. You can meet your goals! But I will let my clients speak for themselves. Read their testimonials below:



“Katherine is an incredible nutritionist! She was a huge help, and I learned so much from her guidance.” – Marty P., Las Vegas, NV.


“I went to Katherine for coaching via Facebook and over phone sessions. After following her advice for 1.5 years … I lost 40 pounds and feeling amazing! Thank you, Katherine, for changing my life and outlook on health. I have made sure to spread her knowledge to my family so her impact is really impressive.” – Betty M., New Orleans, LA


“Katherine’s simple nutrition recommendations and recipes helped me get into shape for my wedding. Thanks to Katherine, I felt incredible when I walked down the aisle.” – Leah T., Ocala, FL


“Under Katherine’s coaching, I’m able to fit into all my old clothes again. This has been such an incredible boost to my confidence. Feeling free to wear what I choose and comfortable in my own skin is empowering.” – Barbara F., Tampa, FL


“Forgive me for gushing about Katherine for a minute. Thanks to her, I’ve lost 14 pounds and adapted to a new lifestyle of clean eating and regular exercise. I know that I’ll never go back to my old ways after being eased into a lifetime routine by Katherine’s expert coaching and nurturing personality. Thank you, Katherine!” – Kelly B., Zephyr Hills, FL


“Katherine, I can’t say how much you helped me. Before working with you, I didn’t know anything about nutrition and my health was scaring me, slipping out of my control. With few places to turn to for help, you were a lifesaver. I could not have done this without you.” – JoAnn M., Tampa, FL


“Thanks to Katherine’s excellent coaching, after a year of weight loss, I ran my first 5K! There’s nothing like celebrating progress in a tangible way. Thanks again, Katherine.” – Joe H., Orlando, FL


“I have a few nutritional issues that have been very difficult for me to manage even with the help of my doctor. It turned out that Katherine was exactly who I needed. She helped me get my life back on track and manage my illnesses. I’ve never felt better or stronger. Please contact Katherine if you have trouble managing your diet, shopping, and exercise! It’s so much easier with help, and after working with her, I consider her not just a mentor but a friend.” – Judy P., Lakeland, FL