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My Approach

I’m here to support you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle, and I’ll be with you every step of the way as we strive to meet your health and weight loss goals so you can become the best you possible. We’ll work together to create a plan that feels achievable, that is within your means and fits your lifestyle and needs. My approach is based on the latest dietary knowledge, and the plans have been tested to produce real-life success stories from people who are just like you. Each offering can be tailored to your personal needs and food preferences.

I offer the following services and can incorporate any of these into your plan:

Nutrition Packages

Nutrition session packages include the following:

  • A free first consultation
  • An hour-long consultation
  • A half-hour follow-up session

One-On-One Nutrition Coaching

A one-on-one session give us time to do a nutritional assessment, discuss your goals, create a plan for treatment and physical activity, gather recipes and a customized meal plan, and provide general wellness education and counseling.

Pantry Makeover

Cooking clean and healthy meals is much easier when your pantry is stocked with food and ingredients that will support a healthy diet. Let me take a look at your pantry and I can help you decide what stays, what goes, and what we should stock.

Grocery Shopping Assistance

The grocery store is the first stop on your journey to meeting your nutritional goals. I can shop with you and help you choose nutritious foods that fit within your budget. Let me help you shop with confidence!

Nutritional Counseling

This is my most individualized form of coaching. By identifying your nutritional needs, goals, and struggles, we can work together to form a plan that works for you. No two people are alike, so I believe firmly in a personalized plan for your diet and nutrition.

Wedding Weight Loss Plan

I understand your desire to look your best at your wedding ceremony! I’ll work within your time constraints to help you meet your goals before your wedding. You’ll be able to walk down the aisle with the pride of knowing that you met your health and fitness goals as you glow from the inside out!

Other Services

I can work with groups as well. Here are few other services I offer:

  • Nutrition seminars for groups
  • Wellness programs for schools, corporations, and nonprofits
  • Event menu development
  • Meal plan development for institutions