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I've been coming to Harmony Wellness for probably 10 years now. I love, love, love this place! The culture is peaceful and you feel it as soon as you walk in the door. Everyone truly cares about you; they listen to your need and are full of knowledge and wisdom to help fulfill that need. I get regular massages, take yoga and enjoy personal training. The classes are small and you get a lot of attention to make sure you are doing everything correctly. I could not live without Harmony Wellness and the family I've made there, that's why I'm still participating after all these years."


Harmony Wellness is a little slice of heaven. No matter what I'm there for, I always leave feeling so much better than when I walked in. Lyndsey's positive outlook on everything LIFE is inspiring and contagious. Whether you're there for massage, yoga or anything else, you'll be so glad you did this for yourself. Harmony is truly a gem in our community. Such a special family!"

Kelly, Lyndsey and the rest of the Harmony Family make you feel more like a friend rather than just another client from the moment you first step into the door."

Harmony is an amazing place that has changed me both physically and mentally. The massages are amazing. No one in OC does it better. The atmosphere is one that is genuine and truly happy with people who love their job. You will be forever grateful for Harmony and what it can do for you."

Yoga had always been a huge part of my life but when I started having my kids I left my practice. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I took the prenatal yoga class series. Thank you Harmony!"

Coming here feels like going to Happy Hour with girlfriends except instead of sitting on your ass and consuming calories you're working on your ass and burning calories instead."

I started doing Yoga at Harmony Wellness on the advice of my acupuncturist over four years ago.  I've always been a very active, athletic, competitive person and thought that yoga was too slow for me.  Was I ever wrong!  Harmony teaches the Iyengar style of yoga which I've come to realize is perfect for me - it takes into consideration where MY body is and the yoga instructors at Harmony are amazing - they see everything and help you to make adjustments to suit your body. Since then, I've enjoyed personal training with Lyndsey's Lifestyle, massages and many yoga classes."

One reason that Harmony is better than any other studio is the level of personal care they take with each client.  The day after my first session, I got a call from Lyndsey, she wanted to know how I felt.  I'll be honest, I was taken aback, I'd NEVER had a personal trainer, yoga instructor of any kind call me the next day to see how I felt...But this is what they do - they CARE about you as an individual and want to help and support you on whatever journey you are on.  There's no judgment, no pressure, just a lot of support and care.

They also work with clients to find and/or create classes that suit their needs, whether it's scheduling a good class time for after work or a specific type of class.  Many of us sit at our desks all day and that causes so much neck and back pain, so Lyndsey started a yoga class called "Happy Hips" - it's amazing how much better we feel!  And how can I forget "Woga".  Wine + Yoga = happy, relaxed people!  One of the best things about going to Harmony all these years is that we feel like part of the family.  I wouldn't go anywhere else."

Recently I found myself at my doctor's office because I was feeling off kilter & she recommended that I incorporate Yoga into my life. Just hearing that made me realize I haven't felt "right" since I stopped doing Yoga. It was time to bring Yoga back. The problem is I dislike the experience offered by big box yoga studios that are popping up all over the place. It was kismet (or Yelp) that led me to Harmony Wellness Center. I sent the business an e-mail and someone responded back right away. I could tell from the casual friendly tone of the email exchanges that this wasn't going to be an impersonal big box Yoga studio experience.

I am SO GLAD I found this place! On my first day I tried a fusion class & followed it with a yoga class. We were chatting and laughing throughout the fusion class & the music is awesome. The yoga class right after was a good way to stretch out my body and they even offer massages so you can schedule that for before or after a workout."


The reason I fell in love with yoga!  I was really nervous to try yoga but after my first class I was hooked.  I didn't feel dumb for not knowing the poses and I felt so good after every class."

Gracie has always been a chewer and a licker, giving herself hotspots or breaking the skin. No changes of diet, medicine, topical creams, or cortisone shots have ever stopped her. With Nichole’s remedy Gracie’s negative behaviors are almost completely gone. We wish we would have found Nichole when Gracie was younger!"

I brought my cat to see Nichole when I discovered an abscess that had ruptured. Nichole gave my cat a remedy and suggested I still go see my vet. By the time I took my cat to the vet the next morning the abscess was closing up, it no longer had a nasty appearance or smell."