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Discover, Balance and Renew



  • Boutique private studio

  • Complimentary towel service

  • Complimentary alkaline water

  • Complimentary postural & fitness assessments

  • Exclusive massage memberships

  • All equipment is supplied


  • Arrive to class early or on time with a smile

  • Late - if you are late please text us so we know you are coming. Silently wait until you get the teachers attention and ok to enter the class.

  • PLEASE DO NOT enter yoga class when everyone is seated with eyes closed

  • TURN OFF THE RINGER ON YOUR PHONE. No Phones in the studio.

  • Dress in workout/yoga clothes + wear shoes or sticky socks for fitness classes

  • Have CLEAN FEET. Often running around in flip-flops or work shoes leaves your feet dirty. These dirty toes equal dirty walls, dirty yoga straps and dirty blankets. Not to mention your instructor touches your feet!

  • Perfume, less is more. Keep in mind many people are sensitive to fragrance.

  • Tell your instructor if you have any new or unusual aches or pains or if you have started taking new medications etc.